Drawing from our experience working with ultra-high net worth families, we review clients' portfolios and suggest areas for improvement based on risk, taxes and fees.


VPA builds strategies that aim to optimize wealth and client objectives.


A transparent, strategically designed portfolio aligned with objectives.


Vernal Point's philosophy is built from decades of investment experience. Optimal success is achievable through customized portfolios, risk management and cost mitigation.

  • All clients have a unique financial situation and deserve a customized plan
  • Risk is key
    • Win by not losing
    • Clients should understand and feel comfortable with risks taken
  • Evaluate returns net of fees AND taxes
  • Sound proprietary frameworks improve decisions and enable focus during all market conditions



Each portfolio is customized to maximize the probability of achieving each client's goals based on changing market conditions. Our methods of customization include:

  • Use of planning-optimized objectives and constraints
  • Asset location strategies and cross-entity optimization
  • Efficient portfolio completion and transition strategies
  • Separate accounts
  • Custom reporting

Risk Management

At VPA we believe in managing risk, above returns. Our process includes defining and measuring risk. Then we construct a portfolio with risks the client understands and is comfortable taking. Specifically we deploy the following:

  • Manager evaluation and due diligence processes
  • Market cycle framework
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk analysis
  • Horizon-matched robust optimization framework
  • Risk diversification and risk budgets

Cost Mitigation

The burden of fees and taxes on a portfolio's returns can be significant and will compound over time. To mitigate this burden, the techniques we utilize include:

  • After-tax asset allocation frameworks
  • Post-cost performance measurement and benchmarking
  • Negotiated pricing with investment managers
  • Tax loss harvesting and tax arbitrage strategies


Discretionary and non-discretionary investment management services are both available, and can be unbundled from our financial planning or family office services.

For investment management clients, Vernal Point Advisors will also provide consulting and reporting on unmanaged assets.

For prospective clients meeting our investment minimums, initial portfolio reviews are complementary.