We partner with families
to build and manage
efficient family offices.

Hallmarks of the
Vernal Point approach

An aligned,
integrated solution.

We define a single family office not as a captive set of employees, but at as a highly aligned, dynamic and well-integrated team strategically pursuing your family’s unique set of goals with enduring focus.

Design down to
the last detail.

The design of every family office is grounded in comprehensive, cross-disciplinary strategic wealth planning.

Build precisely
what you want.

Families can choose whether they want to completely outsource the management of their single family office to Vernal Point or to leverage Vernal Point to perfect their existing single family office solution.

Obsessed with
value creation.

We only partner with families where we expect to be able to create family offices that will pay for themselves by a multiple.

Our clients are
proactive optimizers.

Our clients are very capable of building their own single family offices but choose to partner with us because it allows them to use their scarce time on highest and best use endeavors as part of their life optimization.

Hallmarks of Vernal Point

An aligned,
flexible solution

We define the family office not as a captive set of employees, but rather as an evolving cross-institutional team that is highly aligned and coordinated in the strategic pursuit of your family’s goals.

Designed down to the last detail

The design of every family office we build is grounded in comprehensive, cross-disciplinary strategic wealth planning. Once your strategy has been defined, we carefully articulate, build, and coordinate the family office functions identified as necessary to achieve your goals.

Managed precisely the way you want

Families can choose either to outsource the management of their family office to us, or to leverage us to perfect their existing family office.

Obsessed with
value creation

We partner only with families where we expect to create value that is a multiple of the family office's cost. Value creation is defined by the achievement of your quantitative and qualitative objectives, and will be pursued on long-term and short-term horizons concurrently.


We are a self-capitalized, 100% partner-owned firm serving families with a collective $10 billion in net worth. Our advice isn’t compromised by commercial pressures or by family dynamics.

Service Offering

Integrated service architecture

To build more effective family offices, we integrate the delivery of our interdisciplinary services through continual coordination across your team of family office executives.

Investment Program

Bottom-up meets top-down

Bottom-up and top-down optimizations are continually balanced against each other to create portfolios that maximize your definition of value.


Access a team of executives capable of leading the key functions of a family office.

Vernal Point partners have played leadership roles in over 20 family offices, and in the management of over $25 billion of assets.


Partner owned.

Collective net worth of family office clients that our solutions cover.

Our team members have run or played senior roles in over 25 family offices, including for many Fortune 400 families.

Our investment team was responsible for the oversight of over $17 billion in prior roles, and has a diverse skill set particularly appropriate for family offices.