Our Approach

Radical Customization

Given the phenomenal pace of change that we are living through, most wealth owners find themselves reacting to an overwhelming amount of inputs, struggling to “put their arms around” their financial assets, and to know what decisions they need to make and when they need to make them.

At Vernal Point, one of the ways we hold ourselves accountable is by asking our clients, “Are your burdens lifted?” We aim to help our clients have more time, lower stress, and a meaningfully higher sense of control of their financial lives.

To achieve this, we begin with a comprehensive discovery process with the client articulating both their values and their goals.  We then design an optimal wealth strategy, building proprietary financial frameworks, appropriate entity structuring and customized decision-making tools entirely around the defined goals and needs of the family.

A significant challenge of the wealth management industry is the drive to standardize – and “scale” the business. While rational for a business focused on growth, standardization flies in the face of the key distinction of Vernal Point: our focus on customizing the wealth experience around each and every client.  We carefully choose the families that we work with - making certain that we will be able to add consistent value over time.  We are comfortable turning away business that is not well-suited to the type of business that we want to be.